Arts & Culture

Arts and Culture have played a major role in the revitalization of West Oak Lane. Early on, we recognized that drawing people here from beyond the immediate neighborhood is absolutely essential to ensure the vitality and sustainability of the community and its commercial corridor. We believe in the transformative power of the arts, and the impact it can have.

OARC's West Oak Lane Jazz and Arts Festival, Philadelphia's premier music and culture event, has been an effective tool in rebuilding the community and bringing attention to everything West Oak Lane has to offer. Originally developed as a means to showcase and market OARC’s accomplishments, the Festival has since played an enormous role in rebranding West Oak Lane as a destination community of choice. Since the Festival began in 2004, new families have moved here in record numbers, and we've been able to attract retail and commercial businesses to the area as well. All of this has helped to create a tremendous sense of pride here.
The West Oak Lane Jazz and Arts Festival takes place each year during the third weekend in June. OARC produces the Festival, in collaboration with World Village Management Inc., Lifeline Music Coalition, Inc., Everett & Associates, Kevin E Sound Engineering and Productions, and Festival Foods Management.

During the Festival, the 7100-7400 blocks of Ogontz Avenue are transformed into a huge outdoor event to promote West Oak Lane community and the Ogontz Avenue commercial corridor, a major thoroughfare in Northwest Philadelphia.

The event is three days of non-stop music on multiple stages, poetry/spoken word performances, dancers and artists, and a variety of vendors that offer food, crafts, and fine art. More than 375,000 people attended the Festival in 2011.

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