Community Engagement




Community Engagement
It all began almost 30 years ago with a group of passionate and dedicated community volunteers who wanted to assist the newly founded Ogontz Avenue Revitalization Corporation by encouraging shoppers to return to the 7100 block of Ogontz Avenue and to foster community pride. This group was known as Friends of OARC and they worked closely with the OARC administration, the Board of Directors and the community to convert what had been a vacant strip mall into a bustling, vibrant shopping center.

From its inception, OARC has always worked diligently to maintain close relationships with the residents, business owners, and elected officials to advance its’ mission of stimulating economic development and improve the quality of life for the residents in West Oak Lane. By partnering with other organizations, (public and private) maintaining an open-door policy and a grass-roots style, OARC has been able to work smarter to accomplish our mission, and deal head-on with the challenges that face the West Oak Lane community.
Come check out what's happening in West Oak Lane, and be a part of a pretty amazing community!

Schools & Programs
•West Oak Lane Charter School
•Kidsville Afterschool Program

OARC Supports
• Non-profit, Corporate, Government, and Community organizations

OARC Partnerships
•GO Northwest Coalition
•WOLBA/ Northwest Business Association