OARC continues to work hard to improve the business and economic climate in West Oak Lane and the entire Northwest Philadelphia region. Creating conditions that will allow businesses in the community to thrive is key to our overall strategy.

OARC’s business & economic development and support programs have attracted dozens of new businesses to our area, creating new jobs in the community, generating revenues, and providing new services to the residents here. Our commitment to business and commercial development in Northwest Philadelphia has resulted in targeting and delivering assistance in the following areas:

  • Marketing and technical assistance to various business associations in Northwest Philadelphia; such as the West Oak Lane Business Association.
  • New business entrepreneur programs, seminars, and workshops, co-sponsored by Community College “Power Up” Program and Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program. These events are designed to help aspiring entrepreneurs and existing business owners grow and improve their skills.
  • In the past OARC has completed construction of the Ogontz Avenue Streetscape Project. Grants from the City of Philadelphia’s ReStore Philadelphia Corridors Program and the State’s Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) funded this $2.6 million project. Improvements and upgrades were made to a ten block stretch of Ogontz Avenue; including sidewalk and crosswalk paving features, roadway curbs, landscaping, benches, and pedestrian lighting. This project is strengthening the local economic infrastructure by improving the appearance of one of the most heavily traveled streets in Northwest Philadelphia. Residents in the neighborhood have also benefited from the added safety and pedestrian-friendly elements resulting from this project.
  • In June 2010, we acquired the old Club Jaguar building from the Redevelopment Authority of Philadelphia. The property, shuttered by the City as a notorious nuisance bar. OARC received a $1.2 million RACP grant to redevelop the site.    Today, it’s a thriving commercial space that houses OARC’s headquarters and other retail businesses use the facility to develop their business plans.
  • As part of the Ogontz Avenue Facade Improvement Program and the Northwest Facade Improvement Grant Program, more than 45 storefronts were upgraded in West Oak Lane.
  • Storefront Marketing Assistance Program to provide technical assistance to several businesses on Ogontz Avenue. OARC will provide individual consultation to business owners for growth, sustainability and profit. In addition to the individual consultations, OARC hosted a series of workshops for businesses interested in improving their displays.

A common theme to all of our business &  economic development initiatives is JOBS, JOBS, JOBS! We’re always looking for ways to get people to work, and keep them working. With so many more projects in the planning phase, we’ll be doing our best to improve the quality of life for everyone in West Oak Lane. We are fully committed to creating and sustaining economic growth for the residents and businesses in our community.

As you travel through the business corridors of Northwest Philadelphia you will find attractive storefronts, bustling restaurants, and an eclectic array of shops and business services to meet your needs. Our business development programs support not only the Ogontz Avenue commercial corridor, but others as well – in Chestnut Hill, Germantown, Mt. Airy, and East Oak Lane. Each of these corridors are unique in their own way, and reflect the character of these neighborhoods. As a result, our community has never been livelier… or more attractive.

Stop by and shop or visit the friendly merchants in West Oak Lane. If you are a business owner or new entrepreneur, consider establishing your business in West Oak Lane. We welcome new and existing business owners with open arms. Give us a call at 215-549-9462 or email at info@oarcphilly.org.

We promise to steer you in the right direction!